Mission Statement and HAPJAC Policy and Request for Proposal


The mission of Houston Area Plumbing Joint Apprenticeship Committee is to provide our Apprentices with the practical skills and technical knowledge encompassed in the Plumbing industry in order to achieve State Licensure and maximize their employability.  We are also committed to providing opportunities for advanced certifications and to foster a desire among our Apprentices and Journeyworkers for lifelong learning.  In furtherance of these goals, we will provide our Apprentices and Journeyworkers with skilled and knowledgeable instructors, the most current instructional texts and materials, and the physical resources and technical infrastructure necessary to achieve these outcomes. We will strive to create an atmosphere of excellence in learning while being fiscally responsible to the beneficiaries of the training funds.

Request for Proposal


Project Name: Tabor St. Med Gas Training Lab
Owner: Houston Area Plumbing Joint Apprenticeship Committee
Due Date: February 14, 2024



Installation of a medical gas training lab at the Tabor St. facility.


Project Scope

Retrofitting the existing 400SF Tabor St. Shop 1 training space with equipment, fixtures and finishes to accommodate the ASSE 6010 Apprentice and Journeyman courses.


Contractor Requirements

  1. Current TSBPE Responsible Master Plumber License with Med Gas Endorsement.
  2. 10 Years of experience in the design and installation of Med Gas systems.
  3. Union-affiliated contractors utilizing Department of Labor Registered Apprentices preferred.
  4. EMR rating of less than 1.


Interested parties are asked to email sidney.morris@hapjac.edu to schedule a project walk thru and review drawings. Closing date for proposals will be February 14, 2024, at 4:00PM.


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