Your Goals = Our Goals

  • Foster lasting relationships with our contractors with the same goals in mind to be safe, productive, and profitable.
  • Provide a better way of life for our membership and our contractors
  • Deliver our projects right the first time and on time!

For more than a century Plumbers local 68 has provided our signatory contractors with the safest, most well trained, and productive workforce in Texas. We offer expertise in every area of commercial, industrial, and service plumbing. We believe we share a common goals and would like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss what we can do for your company. Click on the link below to set up a meeting with us.

Standard of Excellence

Standards of Excellence

  • Our members are held to the highest standards in the nation
  • We have been representing the Texas gulf coast for over 125 years
  • Provide a safe productive, and drug free environment

Plumber local 68 has adopted the UA standard of excellence as part of our contract. The standard of excellence sets forth the fundamental principles underlying what it means to be one of our members. The standard of excellence not only outlines the obligations of our members, it also sets rules, and we as craftsmen live by. In this way we are making it clear to all parties that we are dedicated to performing at the highest level of craftsmanship and provide our contractors with the best job possible. At local 68 we are committed to providing a productive and cohesive workforce and the standard of excellence ensures our success. Click here to read more…


  • We rank safety #1 at all times
  • Committed to educating our members on the latest safety practices

You want a safe workplace? We have a proven track record of making safety our top priority for every worker we put on the job. We realize in today’s competitive market that a company’s safety record is just as important as the pricing on their bid. At plumbers local 68 we believe safety starts on the ground floor with our apprenticeship program. Every local 68 apprentice is given Osha 30, CPR, and first aid as part of the standard curriculum. Have certain site specific safety requirements? Let us know what training you need, all local 68 safety classes are available to your company free of charge.

Insurance and Pensions

Insurance and Pensions

We believe fair wages and benefits go hand and hand.

Part of the negotiated wage package includes for all our members:

  • Entire family health care
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Death Policy
  • National pension plan

Signatory contractors can elect to include all non-member staff in our insurance plan. We have completive rates and invite you to compare our rate to your current provider.


Insurance and Pensions

  • One of the largest plumbing apprenticeship schools in the nation
  • Classrooms in Houston, Corpus Christi, and Beaumont
  • Cutting Edge Training

At plumbers local 68 our greatest assets is our members. Our plumbers are the best because they were trained to be the best. For more than a century we have been training our members to the highest possible standards. As of 2016 we have over 600 students enrolled in our Apprenticeship making us one the largest most successful apprentice schools in North America and we are still growing! Plumbers Local 68 invests over 1.6 million each year to training to keep our members up to date with the newest technology, methods, and materials.

Standard curriculum for our apprentices include:

  • Rigging
  • Med Gas
  • OSHA 30
  • CPR
  • Computer Automated Drafting
  • Robotics classes
  • Foreman classes
  • Service plumbing
  • Plumbing code
  • Use and care of tools
  • Welding

Continued Plumber Education

Continued Plumber Education

  • Keep our members ahead of the curve and trained on the latest and greatest means and methods
  • Provide lifelong training to upgrade and expand skills

We believe that the training and education of our members should never stop. That’s why we are committed to providing the most up to date and comprehensive training to all of our members. Need Job specific training? All offered training is provided to our contractors at no cost: Foreman training, Rigging, Robotics, Backflow, and Medical gas.

Taking Care of Our Veterans

Taking Care of Our Veterans

At local 68 we believe in taking care of the men and women that put it all on the line to protect this great country. Over 12% of our apprentice class are veterans of our armed forces.

Veterans In Piping

Plumbers Local 68 is the best resource for a trained, highly skilled, and safe minded workforce. We would appreciate your consideration, and ask for the opportunity to meet with you to discuss what we can do for your company.

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