Standards of Excellence

To ensure the UA Standard for Excellence platform meets and maintains its goals, UA business managers, stewards and local membership shall ensure all members:

  • Arrive on time. Adhere to break times and only use cell phones during those times.
  • Be prepared with required tools. Respect tools and equipment supplied by employer.
  • Adhere to zero tolerance substance abuse policy.
  • Eliminate work disruptions.
  • Ensure safe on-time completion of projects.
  • Respect property. Vandalism is not tolerated.
  • Be productive and dress appropriately.
  • Respect and adhere to employer and customer rules and policies.
  • Follow management directives.
  • Enhance skill level by using local and international training classes and take advantage of the certification system.

MCAA / MSCA / PFI / MCPWB / PCA / UAC / and NFSA and its signatory contractors have the responsibility to manage their jobs effectively. They have the following responsibilities under the UA Standard for Excellence:

  • Ineffective management, superintendents, journeyworkers and apprentices will be returned to the referral hall.
  • Provide worker recognition.
  • Ensure all materials needed are available.
  • Provide storage for tools.
  • Provide leadership to jobsite supervisors.
  • Ensure leadership takes responsibility for mistakes created by management decisions.
  • Be consistent and fair with disciplinary action.
  • Create and maintain a safe work environment.
  • Promote and support continued education and training.
  • Have properly manned projects.
  • Treat employees with respect.
  • Cooperate and communicate with job steward.

Your Local Union officers have every confidence in our great membership knowing that Local 68 has always maintained these standards with our contractors and will continue doing so in the future. As it is known at the UA headquarters and throughout the country, Plumbers Local 68 does it right!